The Woodfield Project (TWP) is in in its early days. It is devoted to using the Woodfield Pavilion and the Recreation Ground in ways that appeal to, and benefit, a wide range of users, including children, community groups, and people training for paid work in a ‘natural’ environment.

To date the trustees have been mainly concerned with developing plans designed to attract funding, with negotiating terms of use of the pavilion and grounds with the Wandsworth Borough Council, and with obtaining planning permission from the Lambeth Borough Council.

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As TWP develops, its management will change in two main ways in line with its emerging needs. Further and different trustees up to a total of 15 will be elected at annual meetings of the members of the charity or appointed by the trustees. A management committee will evolve, consisting of some of the trustees and members, together with others who might include a manager, representatives of resident organisations, of users, of the wider voluntary and community sectors, and of people with professional knowledge of (for instance) property management, marketing, finance, horticulture, arboriculture, botany and biology.

This process of change will begin in 2016: before, and during the refurbishment of the pavilion which it is hoped will begin in October. It will mean that the trustees and emerging managers need to plan for the future, to raise funds, to canvass for users, to elicit volunteer help, and to attract further trustees, members and subscribers (or ‘friends’). All these activities are interdependent, and their success will be determined by the appeal of the proposed developments to users and well-wishers.